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2433ed0f-14fc-43f2-b436-4042cbc44badWe offer the full range of suspension services, below is a list of the standard work & prices. We also stock many parts & can order in most special orders. We are open in the evenings which makes it particularly handy for those working through the week.

For any work not listed, please give me a call to discuss in more detail. We still may be able to help.



Prices as of 1st January 2017 (incl of VAT)  
Suspension Re-valve 

Or each end individually:
Forks Re-valve
Shock Re-valve

Fork Springs £85.00
Showa SFF Fork Springs£75.00
Shock Spring£85.00
Showa Fork Gas Springs£30.00
Oversized bladder cap
from £ 35
Showa & Kayaba Spring Preload Adjusters £35.00
Showa Spring Seat
Showa Rebound Adjuster x 8 clicks

WP Bladder Systems£80.00
Remote Reservoir Systems - most models red or black£200.00
Fork Service incl oil (WP re-gassed)£75.00
Fork Re-seal & Service – Only use genuine seals£95.00
Upgrade to SKF Seals£125.00
Fork Bushes  each£11.00 - £12.00
Fork Seals (genuine seals)£20-£30
Dust Seals (genuine seals)£22-£30
SKF Seals (Full set of 4)£50.00
Shock Service incl oil & gas£95.00
Shock Re-seal£125.00
Ti-nitrate coatings on fork legs (Plus P&P)Gold £190.00
Black £210.00
Green Effect £280.00
Purple Effect £280.00
Ti-nitrate coatings on shock shaft (Plus P&P)Gold £75.00
Black £85.00
Green Effect £100.00
Purple Effect £100.00
DLC Coating - Fork tubes (Plus P&P)£290.00
DLC Coating - Shock shaft (Plus P&P)£100.00
All above coatings MAY be subject to a labour charge for preparation of tubes etc at £40.
Kashima Coating - Dark Factory Spec - Fork Tubes (Inclusive of P&P)£400.00
Kashima Coating - Dark Factory Spec - Fork Tubes & Shock Body (Inclusive of P&P) £550.00
Your suspension upgraded to G Force Factory Spec Suspension with Dark Kashima Coat DLC Lowers & Shock Shaft & full internal parts & modifications.£POA
Upgrade your Showa & KYB suspension to B Kit Spec£POA
Ti-nitrated black & gold. DLC also available£POA
Selection of anodised parts now available in various colours.£POA
Fork Spring Seats
Fork Oil Lock Collars
Compression Hi Speed Adjusters
Custom Designed G Force Graphics

(only available to G Force re-valve customers)
Courier Collection & Delivery Service Available. As a guide, mainland UK total P&P charges for collection & subsequent delivery up to 30kg is approx £35
Please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail. We're always happy to help.Tel 01434 672120
Mob 07787 116 492